CV discrepancies increasing, says survey

The amount of CVs containing discrepancies is increasing, a new study has said.

Conducted by The Risk Advisory Group, research has revealed that over 50 per cent of 3,800 CVs had irregularities - an increase of ten per cent over the last year.

Those aged 36 to 40-years old were found to be the worst offenders, with 62.9 per cent of CVs in this age group showing inconsistencies.

An increasingly competitive labour market has been blamed by the firm as one reason why such issues are on the rise.

Sal Remtulla, the head of employee screening for The Risk Advisory Group, noted that not only is the problem worsening, the discrepancies are becoming more serious.

"Many of the discrepancies we uncover are simple errors of omission, but a significant number will be something more serious, such as bankruptcies, criminal convictions or even fraud against employers," she said.

She added that employers should re-evaluate their screening processes.

ClickAJob chief executive Yngve Traberg contends that CVs are only a guide anyway, always insisting on back-up evidence for any claims made.

"Any match is so critical, the employer HAS to get it right - and so does the job-seeker," he says.

"That means checking everything, especially skills and aptitude, very easily done with the huge selection of online tests now available."

Recruiters need to make all the other checks as well, as part of standard procedure.

According to Mr Traberg, "References, character - for which psychometric tests are also essential - qualifications, ID, work permits, everything most be investigated thoroughly before any recommendation goes ahead."

"Think of it positively. It's not that we don't believe our applicants, we prefer to make sure that both clients and candidates have absolutely the best chance ever."

Source: newsletter