Recruitment, dating sites the most engaging in SA

LONDON: The most engaging South African websites and sectors, as measured by average time per session, are recruitment and dating sites, according to Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company.

Comments Alex Burmaster, Internet analyst, Nielsen Online, "It's very interesting to see, particularly for advertisers, which online sectors tend to generate the longest visitor sessions. South African consumers are clearly very engaged when visiting job, dating or real estate sites. It's likely their intention is to achieve a particular objective in that visit as opposed to just being a casual look.

The appearance of blogging, just below these more 'traditional' online sectors, highlights the increasingly important arena of consumer-generated media and how engaging person-to-person content is proving to be."

Employment is the most engaging sector online - averaging almost 13 minutes per session. This is followed by Personals & Dating (almost 10 minutes) and Real Estate (just over nine minutes)

Most engaging sectors by average time per session: June 2008

Rank Sector Average session duration (min:sec) Unique browsers (000s)
1 Employment 12:47 459
2 Personals & Dating 9:36 123
3 Real Estate 9:09 326
4 Blog 8:22 168
5 Automotive 8:02 458
6 General Classifieds 7:24 85
7 Education 7:10 6
8 Mobile 7:03 645
9 Email, Messaging & Chat 6:13 1,399
10 Healthcare 5:48 303
Source: Nielsen Online, ZA Market Intelligence, June 2008
E.g. the average session duration in the online employment sector during June 2008 was 12 minutes 47 seconds