Niche International Placements

About Us:

Niche International Placements is a new recruitment services provider that seeks to offer high quality recruitment services globally, covering the United Kingdom, Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa & UAE.  The company is involved in providing a full support recruitment service: from advertising, screening, interviews, background checks, response handling for international clients, through to immigration processes support. The company also offers, as part of its full value service, to facilitate immigration processes for candidates on behalf of our clients. With the global shortage of skills in the medical  industries, Niche International Placements aims to connect people and skills to healthcare business worldwide, contribute to the global economy, and improve the quality of lives of our candidates worldwide

Our Expertise:  

  • We specialize in international recruitment

  • We commit to help people realise their dreams and maximize their potential by connecting them to health and education businesses worldwide

  • We expertise in connecting the right people to the right continent

  • We make a contribution to the global healthcare systems

  • We improve the quality of lives of our candidates worldwide

  • We provide quality candidates and exceptional service to our clients

Our Niche Focus for Medical Occupations:  

  • Surgical

  • Anaesthetics / ICU

  • Physicians

  • Radiology

  • Pathology

  •  Paediatrics

  • Psychiatry/Mental Health

  • Obstetrics & Gynanecology

  • Pharmacy

  • Radiology

  • Nursing  

Our Niche Focus for Educational Occupations

  • Primary  School Teacher

  • Secondary School Teacher

  • Teaching Assistant

  • Adult Education Lecturer

  • Further Education Lecturer

  • Higher Education Lecturer

Our Global Coverage:

·          Africa & Middle East: Southern Africa & UAE (United Arab Emirates)

·          Europe: UK, Norway

·          Americas: USA, Canada,

·          Asia Pacific: Australia, New Zealand



Niche International Placements is a member of the StaffWeb recruitment network