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MEMBER: GIDEON D. WILLIAMS, CELL: 083 421 6688 | FAX: 0866 520 868,

ADDRESS: 14 B Sandowne Village, Batten Bend Rd, 7441



The Staff Agency aim to offer a reliable and high quality staffing solution to the wholesale, FMCG's and Retail sector.

We will always ensure that our clients expectations are met and exceeded wherever possible.

We strive to offer outstanding value, to charge a fair and reasonable rate.

The business was founded by Gideon Williams, when after several years in Retail saw a niche for a staffing company that specialises in Retail, wholesale and FMCG industry. Over the past decade Gideon had extensive experience in Retail operations and worked for three leading Retail and Fashion chains. We find this experience to be a key success factor to the sustainability of our business endeavours, due to his operational knowledge and industry contacts.

As a result, we aim to train staff to industry standards on all aspects of Retail especially Customer service, to provide a thorough briefing on each assignment and induction to each organisations operational culture.


The Staff Agency is 100% black owned and will continue to be a majority black owned organisation.


We are committed to Employment Equity Strategy and will employ, develop and train historically disadvantaged individuals. We will only obtain services from BEE and EEE compliant Organisations.


Staff Agency will not only seek provide work opportunities to individuals but will also support any worthy causes within disadvantaged communities.


Integrity and honesty in our client relationship 'by adding value'.

Client dedication and service delivery.

Commitment to creating sustainable business relationships, thus recognition for diversity and the aspiration of all stakeholders.

Promote excellence in all we do and to optimise social impact.


Recruitment Division

The Staff Agency approach is based on a "Head-Hunting" model which follows the traditional recruitment function of networking, associations and the understanding of our target candidate matched to client culture. Our strategy endeavours to go beyond placing an ad for a vacant job spec and then simply pushing the CVs that best match that spec to our client. We seek to find individuals who have well known track records, people who are known for their excellence in delivery and who will impact the bottom-line. We will continually aspire to meet and exceed all client strategic staffing needs.

Labour Broker division

Our core business is to provide staffing solutions to the Wholesale, Retail and FMCG sector and general workers to industry. As a rule, we will provision staff from the local environment so fulfill client commitments.Our short and long term contracts are negotiated and structured to suit our client’s trading requirements and also to accommodate the peaks and troughs of the business cycle. We also recruit staff in accordance with our client’s Employment Equity representation requirements.


  • When we recruit our team, we look for candidates who will add value, display resourcefulness, pleasant to deal with and well spoken.

  • They must posses a matric, inline with provisioning criteria of clients, so as to attract the best possible workforce.

  • We offer long term and short term contracts, structured to our client needs, to accomodate peaks and any business project requirements.

  • In addition to skills, we will conduct criminal and credit checks.


  • General workers, Cleaners, Till operators, Packers and Merchandisers.

  • We will strive to train our staff so as to deliver at the highest standard.

  • Employees will be exposed to a variety of skills and projects.

  • We will endeavour to provide job security, by placing contract staff to permanent positions in client companies at a fee.

  • We will invest in Learnership programmes and assist previously disadvantaged to develop skills and become marketable.


To ensure efficient service delivery, we will have dedicated supervisors on site to manage contract. We will also have the Operations Manager to visit sites on a regular basis.


In order to ensure efficient servicing of contracts, transport will be provided to ensure staff attendence. To this end, we will make transport avaliable where possible.


All staff members will work of time sheets which will be completed by the supervisor or team leader.


Contractor/ staff salaries will be paid directly into their bank accounts.

Why choose The Staff Agency?

  • Our management team come with more than a decade of Retail and Labour brokerage experience.

  • Flexible staffing solutions avaliable from contract through to project based assignments.

  • We aim so provide seasonal staffing solutions, especially over easter and Christmast trade.

  • We remove the cost and risk associated with permanent employees.

  • We will manage staff more effectively through executing and meeting workplace demands.

  • Will import greater efficientcy at lower cost, increasing profitability and industry competitiveness.

  • We will manage our staff inline with legislated labour law, implement disciplinary procedure, handle employee renumeration and all other,

  • Clients can keep their headcount to a minimum

  • A pool of skilled and efficient employees avaliable within 24 hours. Enabling the client to focus on their core business

  • Clients only pay for the hours that are physically worked

  • Our employees are provided with the relevant safety equipment (PPE) and clothing

  • We are committed to world class delivery.


Our main focus is to provide our clients with planning and implementation of high quality HR Administration that help the organisation increase efficiency, reduce operational costs and improve service levels.

  • Verifications (ID Qualifications,Creditchecks etc)

  • Head hunting of rare talent and skills.

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Personnel Counselling

  • Implement performance management systems


  • Together with a team of labour specialists we will ensure compliance with statutory legislation, take full responsibility of client’s LR Management assisting them with their industrial relations obligations.

  • Establish compliance with labour relations requirements.

  • Disciplinary Enquiries.

  • Provide basic contracts of employment.

Statutory obligations such as;

  • Leave

  • Compensation Fund

  • Sick Leave

  • Skills Levy

  • UIF

  • Family responsibility Leave

  • RSC Levy

  • Public holidays


30 Days