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On this page we describe the recruitment software that StaffWeb supplies, and provide you with some general information about recruitment software options, and selection of recruitment software.

Our recruitment software is designed to reduce the manual and paper workload that recruitment typically creates. We help you to track candidates, manage your positions, and keep your website current.

StaffWeb recruitment software is fully supported in South Africa.

Our StaffWeb recruitment software offerings fall into the following categories:

Web-Based Recruitment Solution with Candidate Database, Search, and Website

Suitable for companies who require a full function recruitment solution with online job seeker registration and job site. StaffCV is an easily implemented and affordable recruitment solution which will handle large applicant volumes with minimum manual effort. Your system can be up and running within a week. Candidate database and integrated website in one package. No website development required.
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Response Handling Solution 

For companies who need assistance with receipt and processing of applications. Your jobs are processed through the StaffWeb job site and candidate applications are filtered so you only receive suitable candidates.

CV Indexing Solution

To capture CVs to your own database. We have semi-automated and manual CV capture solutions.

CV Parsing Solution

To extract comprehensive candidate information from CVs

Recruitment Website

Turnkey recruitment agency website with database
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What is e-recruitment software?
e-recruitment covers a range of Web-based application tools used for the provisioning (typically) of human resources. These applications assist in the recruitment of suitable candidates for vacant positions. Some applications do this by semi-automating the entire recruitment and hiring process. e-recruitment applications (or software packages that are web-enabled) typically enable recruitment teams to create job postings, manage job application responses, schedule interviews and manage other recruitment tasks. This dramatically reduces the labour and money spent on physical recruitment.

e-recruiting or electronic recruiting is the process of using internet based software to attract, screen and recruit suitable job candidates. e-recruiting reduces the cost of the recruitment process, reduces the time taken to identify appropriate candidates and helps organizations improve the quality and quantity of the applicant pool.

Why is e-recruitment important? 

Creates a central hub for all recruitment
Establish one 'easy to access' portal where the job seeker and recruiter can be connected and communicate with each other with the benefit of automation, real time data and reduced advertising spend.

Increasing reach of the Internet - manage volume
The use of the Internet yields far greater number of applications for every job vacancy promoted, simply due to the decreased cost, increased reach and ease of application created by the Internet job boards and online forms. It is no surprise then that the Internet has become the source of choice for job seekers. 

Improves candidate care
Whilst many employers are recognizing the value of using their website to source candidates, many have failed to implement systems to assist in the management of the applications, and are more likely to fail in candidate care. 

Talent warehousing
Internet connectivity provides an unprecedented capability to build a database of candidates from which to search for future positions. Recruitment specific CRM tools (known as TRM - Talent Relationship Management) are utilized to encourage job seekers back to the site to view new positions as they become available and update their information. This ensures you search on recent relevant data and that over time your main source of candidates can come from your own database.

Streamline processes - reduce cost and time per hire
Workflow based e-recruitment solutions provide the ability to significantly streamline HR and recruitment processes through automation of communication and engagement of relevant stakeholders at each step of the recruitment process. This has been proven to significantly reduce time and cost per hire.
In addition, given this increasingly litigious society we work in, a complete record of the recruitment process is stored for each candidate providing vital information as to the selection process you undertake and the results.

Advanced Reporting
With more and more pressure being brought to bear on HR and Recruitment practitioners to find and select high quality candidates faster and deliver measurable benefit to businesses it is imperative to provide high visibility of process efficiency and a lower cost base - particularly in a world where it is increasingly difficult to find those candidates!

Advanced reporting includes the ability to measure against key metrics and performance indicators such as;

Where candidates are coming from 
How many candidates are applying 
Candidate data such as location, qualifications, skills 
Time to evaluate candidates through selection process 
Number of Vacancies by region, business unit etc 
Time to hire 
Cost per hire 
Resource allocation 
and much more all in real time via the web.

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