Before you go any further, read this basic guideline information


  • Determine your target more

  • Define what will make you more

  • Do market more

  • Identify at least 20 potential customers

  • Check your financial reserves

  • Prepare a Business Plan including a feasibility study

  • Create marketing material - company profile and business cards

  • Train yourself and your team

  • Create a business entity and complete registrations

  • Start calling

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How to hire employees safely

How to prepare an effective CV



  1. Creating your company

  2. Planning your Marketing

  3. Finding clients

  4. Recruitment operations summary

  5. 10 reasons why employers should use recruitment agencies

  6. How to start your contact list

  7. How to find candidates

  8. How to prepare for client calls

  9. Recruitment statistics

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Determine your target market

Determining your target market, put simply, means figuring out who will buy from you, what their needs are, and how you can appeal to them. Without knowing this, you will not be able to sell effectively, nor will you be able to put together a service offering which will be attractive to customers. The kind of things you need to know about your target market include where they are, what industries they are in, what kinds of people do they employ, and what is the current state of their business.

Differentiate Yourself

With over 3000 recruitment agencies operating in South Africa, a new entrant has a tough task getting noticed. Ideally you want to create points of difference that will make your company stand out from the crowd. These differences can be either abstract or concrete. Abstract differences are perceptual and arise from the impressions that you create. An example would be a very striking logo or slogan. Concrete differences arise from the services and products that you offer and include things like pricing, guarantees, and response times.

Market Research

You need to get to know your potential customer base, where they are, how many of them there are, what their needs are, how they think, and you need to know about competitors and any environmental factors that could affect your success. Statistics for the recruitment industry are hard to find, so you will have to do most of the research yourself.


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