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This page is a collection of recruitment articles that we have found interesting and relevant to the current situation. The subjects include recruitment practices, recruitment consulting, recruitment training, running a recruitment agency, finding clients, finding candidates.

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One step at a time - Hays promotes healthy workforce
Thirty-three teams of staff at Hays, the UKs leading specialist recruitment company, have embarked on the 2009 Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), in support of the largest employer health initiative in the world ...more
Global employment survey finds Chinese job market showing signs of recovery
A quarterly survey of hiring and firing trends in over 30 key countries has found job prospects for professionals and managers in China better than the global average...more
Are you liable for temporary workers?
Employment and recruitment agencies must protect themselves against legal liability for accidents that occur whilst placing temporary workers...more
A Real Alternative To Job Boards
Sometimes when something is popular and successful for a long time it becomes a defacto standard, or something that is just accepted, no questions asked...more
Candidate Overload?
With many more candidates applying for each vacancy, the challenge facing many agencies today is simply how to manage the huge volume of CVs without getting swamped by applicants all chasing the same post...more
How to Hire Employees Safely
Much of your business growth depends on finding the right people to staff your expanding organization, ....read more 
5 Common Hiring Mistakes
Your hiring process, like other systems in your business, is about creating consistent, predictable results. ..read more
Three Simple Recruitment Tips
1. Build a searchable database....read more
Employers nurture their talent to save costs
Economic downturn forces employers to focus on cost effective human resources (HR) strategies....read more
Have Your Recruits Got the X Factor?
How can you identify star talent and discover who really has what it takes?....read more
Recruitment, dating sites the most engaging in SA
The most engaging South African websites and sectors, as measured by average time per session, are recruitment and dating sites, according to Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company.......read more
Why Trim The Ends Off Your Roast
You may have heard about the new wife who was making her first roast (ignore the stereotypes - it's an old story).........read more
Talent Management to become key differentiator for companies competing in global marketplace
Finding talent, developing talent and keeping talent will be the new role of Human Resources (HR) management in the future........read more
Meeting the retention challenge
Getting top talent to stay put is about understanding what staff need.......read more
SA firms scramble for skills
Nearly three-quarters of SA business are more focused on attracting and retaining staff than a year ago, placing SA above the global average of 59%, a new report showed on Wednesday........read more
8 out of 10 Graduates only search for jobs online
- Just 3% scour newspaper advertisements for jobs
- 57% spend less than an hour researching companies before interview
- 9% of graduates don't do any research prior to interviews......read more
CV discrepancies increasing, says survey
The amount of CVs containing discrepancies is increasing, a new study has said.....read more
Talent makes the rules now
Pervading local macro-economic issues, such as higher interest rates, fuel price hikes, inflation, political uncertainty and crime, will affect organisational staff attraction and retention in 2008 and beyond.....read more
HR housekeeping desperately needed, finds survey
HR Directors question the value of outsourcing, preferring to manage processes in-house, yet struggle to achieve acceptable delivery standards in core functions........read more

Skills shortage - Urban legend or fatal constraint?
A mosaic of views contends as regards the extent and implications of skills on the growth prospects of the South African economy...........read more

How popular is online recruitment in the professional sectors?
Professionals seeking employment, particularly in the engineering sector seem to be a good guide to the current online recruitment market................read more

Technology Won't Solve Your Recruiting Problems, So What Now?
The Internet has created a real Catch-22 for executive recruiters........read more

Experience counts
In the next 12 to 24 months, South African businesses that have been struggling for years to make the internet work for them will be celebrating........read more

Graduates favour going online to find their perfect job
Four out of five job hunting students and graduates use recruitment websites to search for work.
And they regard going  as the most effective way of uncovering the best opportunities.......read more.

Sloppy internal recruitment's impact on company brand  
Companies wishing to attract quality candidates should take a good look at their internal recruitment processes if they wish to avoid a poor image in the market-place.........read more
Agencies Victors in Web Revolution
The web is having a significant and positive impact on the fortunes of recruitment agencies according to a new study released today.............. read more.
Hanging on to staff
There has been a significant rise in the number of organisations struggling to retain their staff over the past year and recruitment difficulties persist, according to a new report from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)............read more.
Recruitment process impact on company brand
Companies wishing to attract quality candidates should take a good look at their internal recruitment processes if they wish to avoid a poor image in the market-place........read more.
Rise of the Employer Brand
Recruitment should be viewed as an extension of marketing and organisations must have clear strategies to market the brand to employees......read more.
Web Savvy SME's
The web is having a significant and positive impact on the fortunes of recruitment agencies, according to a new study by thebestof, a national network of local marketing websites......read more.
The Key to Unlocking the Hidden Job Market
Where are these "passive" job seekers.....read more.

Spending on Online Recruitment set to increase
Online recruitment channels continue to grow unabated.....read more.

Only a Quarter of Organisations Measure Employer Brand Investment
Employer branding is vital in attracting talent.....read more.

Square Pegs in Round Holes
Proper definition of job requirements is absolutey essential for successful recruitment.....read more.


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